Mindfulness Seems Like BS

I’ve been following a few subreddits that seem to emphasize mindfulness. Mindful journaling, mindful meditation, mindfulness exercises. 

I tend to agree more with Barbara Ehrenreich’s assessment of the American adoption of mindfulness. Mindfulness has become the new “wonder pill” for mental health and it seems to be the first thing professionals want to prescribe. Here’s a hint:

It doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, I have a hard time believing that it actually works for anyone. It seems to be a placebo, in fact. It teaches people to have a benign life, to stay calm and relaxed. I don’t see a benefit to taming the population.

The results of mindfulness studies are subjective. It’s based entirely on things that cannot be quantified for proven. Mindlessness is more measurable. We should spend time being mindless because that’s where real ideas, planning, action and life take place.

I really believe it’s all nonsense.